True or False: The presence of 10 Digits in a row proves a phone number is visible

There is a finite number of unique combinations using only numbers to fill 10 slots.

It is true 10 digits could represent a phone number, but it does not necessarily “prove” the 10 digits are intended on representing, and subsequently acting, as a phone number.

There are other universal uses for the 10 digit numeric chain, such as with UPC symbols.

Just imagine if someone was able to use one set of 10 to trigger something with the other set.

If we were talking old-school DOS programming, it would be as simple as:

10 dial phone number
20 buy (phone_number)
Rinse and repeat

Okay. The rinse and repeat part isn’t old school verbiage, but welcome to why we need a government agency keeping track of phone numbers dialed and duration of call.

Some dialers don’t care if they actually connect with whoever is assigned the phone number. They just want the phone number to show up in the Master Dialed Number Database (or whatever such data arrays are called nowadays) for a purpose way above the intended purpose of our agreeing to live our lives surrounded by telecommunications.

Some dialers want to see if you answer because of more nefarious reasons and again, that MDND is the only jurisdiction to catch onto serial patterns, let alone having ability to report such activities to a more appropriate agency.

Otherwise each telcom would be far more victimized than they already are by International Couch Criminals.

It’s not a search engines fault if they cannot “accurately” discern between a UPC number and a phone number when the numbers are being literally injected into their indexes by the billions and some even brag about it online with phrases like “Project Black Mask” to elevate their “art.”

Presenting someone 10 digits fundamentally proves nothing other than 10 digits have been presented to another. Nothing more, nothing less.

What someone does with those numbers is an entirely different story.

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