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Spoken vs. Written

What happens to a written word when it is spoken out loud?

Nowadays, the surface answer to this question is A LOT different than it was in 1958, let alone 1633, but the nucleus remains the same.

If the world is what we make of it, then words mean whatever we decide them to me…at any given moment.

The Elixabase

Welcome to The Elixabase! This project was inspired by the current conversations centering around what steps, if any, government can and perhaps should/could/would take to regulate technology.

While it is true major platforms are accountable for content on their website, fundamentally it is the broadcaster of the signals that is truly responsible for whether or not their content is viable.

Everyone Can Help

You can help prevent a variety of abuses that cross through multiple platforms and thus, jurisdictions just by coming to terms with the idea that a government institution is to be responsible for collecting, managing and maintaining meta data.

For simple example, disturbing as it will always be in the idea of the NSA collecting phone numbers and call duration, the next time you get a junk call, just Google the phone number, look at all the entries and realize that algorithms can use these Google results to automate those junk calls to you…and the NSA is exactly the type of agency to help combat such attacks.

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